Time of Session: Join Session, Enable Camera/Microphone

Join a live session in an offer you’ve signed up for

For the best user experience, we suggest using a laptop/desktop and Google Chrome. 

  1. Go to your Offer page by clicking on the link in your reminder emails, or by going to alltakes.com directly 

  2. Log into your AllTakes account, if you’re not currently logged in

  3. Join the live session by clicking on Join (bottom left box) or Roundtable (top right corner)


Make sure everything is enabled

When you join an AllTakes session for the first time, you will likely be asked to give your browser permission to access your microphone and camera. Make sure to enable this permission!

You’ll be muted upon entry, so make sure to unmute to speak!

Still having trouble with camera/microphone? Please make sure you have set the right permissions:

For Google Chrome:

  • In the top right corner of the Google Chrome bar, click the three dots icon, then choose Settings.

  • Click Privacy and security > Site settings > Camera or Microphone.

  • Check to make sure your default setting is “Sites can ask to use your camera/microphone.”

For Mac users: 

  • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Camera/Microphone.

  • Make sure Google Chrome is checked.

For Windows users:

  • For camera, go to Settings > Privacy > Camera > Let apps use my camera > [Google Chrome].

  • For microphone, go to Settings > System > Sound.

“I gave my browser permissions, but my camera is still not working!!”

Sit tight and Refresh Devices in the Setup setting within the Roundtable.



If you are still having trouble, please email support@alltakes.com

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