Meeting Links and Meeting Rooms

Meeting Link: Your meeting link is like a secret passcode to your private meeting room. Only those with the link can enter, ensuring a secure and confidential gathering.

You can copy and paste your meeting room link to any space for an impromptu meeting. To copy your meeting room link, click “Copy Your Link”.

After you have copied your meeting room link, you can paste it into the location field of any meeting. The person you are meeting with can then click on the meeting room link and meet you in your private meeting room!

See below some different examples for pasting meeting links in different calendar software and event organizers:

Google Calendar




Simply paste your meeting link into the location field of the Google Calendar event.

In Calendly, you will need to choose the “Custom” option to add a link from AllTakes. To keep your meeting room more intimate, we recommend the “Display location only after confirmation” option.

Click the checkbox to make your Meetup an online event. Then, paste your meeting room link in the link field.

On the “Online Event Page” section when you are creating your event in Eventbrite, you can paste your meeting room link in the URL section seen here.


Google Chrome Calendar Extension


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