Video Sessions & Gatherings

Whether it’s a scheduled session or an impromptu one, the AllTakes session offers a number of layouts and features to help you connect with your community.

Session Features


The owner of the space can Spotlight anyone in the circle so everyone in the room can see them front and center, whether they are speaking or not. Only the owner or manager can spotlight an attendee and can spotlight up to 4 people.


During a video session in your Offer space or during a Discovery Call in AllTakes, video session chats are separate from Offer space chats. This means that chats sent during your video session will disappear after the video session ends. They will not be visible after the video session ends and not be in the main chat of the Offer space.


The owner in charge of the call has the authority to mute any participant according to their discretion. However, only Owners and Managers overseeing the session have the capability to mute other participants. Although participants can mute themselves, they do not have the power to silence others on the call.

Whenever the owner of manager mutes a participant, they will receive a notification alerting them that they have been muted. If a participant is muted by the Owner or Manager, they can still unmute themselves.

Record a Session

Record your live sessions to share with your community! 

After starting your session, click on the Record button in your toolbar. All attendees will be notified that the recording has started. 


We recommend ending recordings before asking attendees to share anything personal

Note: Owners and Managers of an Offer space will be able to download the recording in the Content Library, and share the recording as they see fit. Other members of the Offer space will not be able to download the recording, but will be able to view the recording once it has become available in the content library.

Breakout Rooms

To allow your attendees to converse in smaller groups, you can create up to 10 breakout rooms within your AllTakes session. 

Simply create the number of rooms needed, and allow your attendees to join their assigned or preferred room. Chat when you’re ready for them to come back, and they can leave their breakout room and return to the main room. 


  • Verbally or visually assign attendees to specific rooms to have an even distribution or

  • Create themes or discussion topics per room and allow your attendees to choose which to participate in

Raised Hand

If an attendee would like to contribute, AllTakes provides the “raise hand” feature. Attendees will show a Hand badge on their video, and also show it on the raised hand list. If multiple people raise their hands, you’ll see the number order on the badge and can also see the order on the raised hand list.




To improve the feeling of community and connectedness, AllTakes uses the Roundtable layout. Just like you’d set up chairs in person, you can see everyone with you and can go around the circle to share. The person speaking is shown in the center of the circle, but everyone sees the same circle layout and order

This layout starts at 4 attendees, and creates another circle at 21 or more attendees. 

Panel & Fireside Chat

Four Speakers video

Select up to 4 speakers to spotlight for a panel interview or Q&A.

Webinar Mode

Step up your virtual event experience with our creative and immersive webinar format, designed to make your Roundtable session more engaging and memorable. 

You can enter webinar mode in 4 ways:

  1. Share your screen

  2. Spotlight yourself in landscape mode

  3. Fireside chat

  4. Create a panel

From there, you can adjust your local layout so that the “stage” - what’s being spotlighted or shared - can be emphasized or de-emphasized, depending on your preferences.

Step 1: Click on “Webinar” in the lower right corner.

Step 2: Select your stage.


Small Stage: Small Stage is the perfect option for those who want to see the Roundtable participants more clearly. With up to 20 members displayed in landscape mode, you can easily keep track of who's attending while still being able to view the screen or spotlighted member at the top.


Medium Stage: Medium Stage is ideal for those who want to focus more on the shared screen or spotlighted members. With the option to display up to 10 members below in portrait mode, you can still see who's attending, while the shared screen or spotlighted member takes center stage in a larger and more dynamic format.


Large Stage: With the Large Stage option, you can focus solely on the shared screen or spotlighted members, without any distractions from other participants. This sleek and streamlined display mode allows for a more immersive and engaging experience, making it easier to stay focused on the content at hand.

Technical Help

Having trouble in a session?

Learn more about technical troubleshooting here: Technical Troubleshooting

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