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The typical video conferencing platforms aren’t cutting it.

37.1% of employees point out Zoom fatigue as the greatest challenge of virtual meetings.

70% of workers find virtual meetings less stressful.

See how the Roundtable compares to other platforms.

According to 34% of workers, unproductive meetings are the leading cause of revenue loss.

Why choose the Roundtable to run your meetings?

Enter a clean, well-lit room

The Roundtable by AllTakes portrait-oriented view lets you focus on the human beside you, not the room. The light background increases visibility and lessens strain on your eyes.

Sit and Stay in a Circle

Kids sit in circles; adults sit at round tables during work meetings or in support groups. At the roundtable on AllTakes, you have circle time whenever you meet. And just like people stay in their IRL seats, your roundtable seat remains the same. 

Humans are Vertical

AllTakes' portrait-oriented view makes it feel like you're sitting around a table with other people.

Spacious atmosphere

The roundtable's spacious design mimics the real-life table experience with a feeling of openness and breathing room. You'll never feel smothered or claustrophobic again. Instead, you'll feel calm, focused, and free to express yourself fully.

Express yourself

With AllTakes' unique and animated expressions, you can show genuine emotions and reactions to what's being said in the meeting room. Show others you care without interrupting their flow. 

Raise your hand, Don’t Stress

When participants raise their hands, they stay in the same spot. The host can also see the raised hand order at the bottom of the screen. Everyone gets a turn. 

Huddle Up, Hassle-Free

AllTakes' breakout rooms are created in seconds, and you can easily assign specific people to each room. Participants can also choose a room to join just like they would in real life.  

Fireside Chat That Feels Good

No more fumbling with complicated controls or feeling lost in the crowd. Just focus on the conversation and enjoy the experience.

Pristine Panel View

In panel view, your conversations feel like a professional interview or discussion show. You'll feel like a pro, even if you're new to virtual communication.

The Roundtable is for everyone.

It is ideal for small groups of up to 20 people and can host large groups for webinars or events.

A breath of fresh air

FAQs - We've got you covered.

What are the benefits of using the Roundtable vs. other video conferencing tools?

The Roundtable was designed by leveraging human psychology to facilitate authentic online connection. The bright atmosphere, circular structure, and rotating speaker-centric placement give every person in the meeting room an equal part in the conversation. Plus, it’s simply more aesthetically pleasing than the other available tools, which has a positive impact for attendees. 

How can the Roundtable's unique features benefit me?

One of the best aspects of the Roundtable is how versatile it is. The unique animated expressions, simple audio and video sharing, and instant breakout rooms allow you to run a meeting without all the prep time you must set aside when using other platforms. The Roundtables offers built-in AI music that you can play on-demand to set your mood.

What are your pricing plans?

Right now, our goal is to get as many people as possible to experience the magic of the Roundtable, so we offer the opportunity to sign up free of charge.

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